Great gear rental, water around the resort is amazing! The instruction helped the beginners learn quickly!

Serious about Diving

With so many salt- and freshwater spots for incredible diving, Plantation on Crystal River is your best local choice for Central Florida diving adventures. As members of PADI, NAUI, and DEMA, we take diving seriously, and clubs, schools, and dive groups from around the world visit us for unique views and, of course, a chance to swim with our manatee friends.


Weeki Wachee andRainbow River

You can’t mention diving in Central Florida and not mention Rainbow River and Weeki Wachee, which features the best of Old Florida and its beautiful waters. If you’re looking for destination suggestions, we recommend you experience the majesty of diving at Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto, and Rainbow Springs, named for its amazing variety of multi-colored fish and plants. These sites are within easy driving distance, which makes us one of Florida's most popular destinations for final check-out dives. These legendary dive sites allow you to tap into history and create some new memories for the next generation of underwater explorers. 

A Lesson in SCUBA

Coined in the early 1950s, the term SCUBA is an acronym for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. This term was first used for the equipment itself and soon took over as the term for the entire activity we all know and love. People have been diving for much longer than 1952, of course. There’s just nothing quite like the freedom of movement (some people say it’s the closest you’ll come to flying) that scuba diving offers.