25,000 acres of water to explore

Amenities Made to Impress

Once the meetings are over, you’ll need something to do to unwind. Well, you’re in luck. Plantation on Crystal River features a full-service marina with boat rentals and chartering, as well as a 27-hole Championship golf course. There’s 25,000 acres of water to explore, tennis courts to play on, manatees to swim with, fishing tournaments to win, and an entire town to explore. And all these amenities, accommodations, and excursions are served to you with our signature Southern hospitality and unique Florida charm.


Plantation on Crystal River is an original Florida setting like no other. Our landscape with calming nature trails, crystal clear waters and land and sea wildlife amaze and delight retreat guests. This is your ideal place to plan a peaceful time to connect with nature, to provide activities for your group, or both. Let us help you plan your men’s, women’s, golf, fishing . . . anything and everything club retreat.  

Social Events

It's always a pleasure to be social in a beautiful outdoor setting. Plantation on Crystal River offers a natural, Original Florida stage where groups come together to experience a different kind of event. We organize flawless gatherings for family reunions, golf or fishing outings, milestone birthday and anniversary celebrations or just a getaway with the girls. Relaxation and fun come standard with every event.


Host your meeting where nature abounds and watch your attendees bloom creativity. Our setting inspires fresh ideas inside our meeting rooms and in our outdoor spaces. Our expert staff sees to it that your conference, seminar, training, executive meeting or team-building event runs seamlessly. And we’re an ideal setting for colleague bonding with plenty of activities and places for downtime.

Meeting & Event Space Information

 Sq. FeetDimensionsBanquetsTheaterClassroomCocktail
Magnolia Ballroom300050 x 60225300200300
Magnolia A150050 x3010015080150
Magnolia B150050 x 3010015080150
Pine Room A/B100020 x 50501004080
Pine Room A50020 x 2525502040
Pine Room B5020 x 2550204025
Sable Ballroom277659 x 47.75200300175300
Sable A69429.3 x 23.7325040100
Sable B69429.3 x 23.7325040100
Sable C69429 x 24325040100
Sable D69429'4" x 23' 8"325040100
The Dogwood58828 x 2240503660
Palm Room230448 x 49125200110175
Oak Room51224 x 2232403260
The Den64818 x 3640503650