Florida Golf Schools

At Our Resort

Plantation on Crystal River Golf School

The Original Golf School™ has built a successful reputation thanks to PGA pro Jay Morelli, who has directed the school since it was founded in 1978. Jay has been rated the #1 professional instructor in Vermont and "New England PGA Teacher of the Year" by Golf Digest. He and his staff of professional instructors have helped our top Florida golf school beat out the competition with an average of 15 years' experience each, which is longer than most golf schools have been around.

Personal Instruction

At Plantation on Crystal River, our Original Golf School™ stands out from other Florida golf schools for three big reasons: a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio, on-course instruction, and the fact that all of our instructors are well-experienced professionals. Plus, our established teaching method, The Accelerated Golf Method™, has proven its success for over 90,000 graduates since 1978.

Because we dedicate nine holes on our Central Florida golf course to personal instruction, you'll have the opportunity to train on a world-class course full of plenty of surprises and challenges you'd expect on the pro circuit. Plus, each class has a maximum of four students grouped according to playing ability, allowing you to experience a true hands-on training experience from one of our PGA professionals on staff.

All Players Welcome

The school easily accommodates players with any type of experience, whether you are just trying to brush up on your game or if you've never held a golf club before. For instance, when training beginners, we'll start you off close to the hole, focusing on developing control before power. As well, we emphasize the importance of technique and playing style, teaching you how to put power behind your swing at every hole while still maintaining proper balance, rhythm, and timing.